In Queensland Australia, just before passing away, a man drafted a text message explaining he wished his assets to be left to his brother and nephew rather than wife and son. The Supreme Court of Australia decided to recognise the text message as a valid Will.

Unfortunately, making a Will in the UK isn’t as simple as a text message. It is essential that you have followed the legal requirements in doing so. Creating a Will is a very complex matter and it is recommended that you take legal advice to ensure that, on your death, your wishes are carried out.

Some situations which make it particularly important to make a Will are if:

  • You share a property with someone who isn’t you husband, wife or civil partner
  • You want to leave money or property to a dependant who can’t care for themselves
  • You have several family members who may make a claim on your Will (e.g. a second spouse or children from another marriage)
  • Your permanent home is outside the UK
  • You have properties overseas
  • You have a business.

Whilst these points do make Wills more complicated, we at Browns believe you should seek legal advice regardless of how simple or complicated you believe your Will to be. It may be that there are issues you had not considered or tax planning that is required.

We offer reasonable fees for preparing your Will and we will also store it for you, free of charge, in our fire-proof safes, and register it on the Certainty National Will Register. We also offer a free ‘Will review’ service to discuss your current Will and advise you on any additions you may wish to make.

Please arrange an appointment with either Jane Lodeto or Victoria Ferguson in either of our offices or, if you are unable to get into us, we can offer an appointment in your own home.