Recently the government published its White Paper ‘The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union’. Within the paper it was stated that employment laws wouldn’t change in the way we expected when (or if) the UK leaves the European Union. Before the consultation paper was published, it was forecasted that there may be a potential change in the limits put on the hours in a working day for the average employee in the United Kingdom. However because the proposal has stated that they don’t intend to change the Working Time Regulations (the EU directive setting out the working hours of EU citizens), it’s likely the hours won’t change. The lack of change comes as a surprise to many people as it was widely believed that Brexit would result in amendments to employment laws created and implemented by the European Union. Had there been dramatic changes to employment laws, it would require much change to the way businesses in the UK operate.

However, as the White Paper is only a consultation document, there’s a chance there will still be a change in employment laws if that is what’s decided by Members of Parliament.