Preparing for end of life has never been more important.

Studies have shown that a growing number of people in the UK are now living with dementia and are therefore often lacking capacity to make decisions themselves.  Most have not put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney and so strangers or distant relatives are often being left to make decisions for them.

A recent report stated that a shocking 97% of people had not made arrangements in case they lost capacity in the future, and yet 73% were worried about this exact situation.

63% of people thought that their ‘next of kin’ could make decisions for them when they were incapable. This is not the case.

This highlights for us something we were already aware of. Many people leave making a Lasting Power of Attorney until they think they may need it. Often that is too late.

With statistics telling us that there are 12.8 million people over 65 running the risk of developing dementia, and we then know that there are less than 1 million Health and Welfare LPAs registered in England and Wales, it really should be something that everyone considers alongside their Will.

Browns Solicitors suggest starting a conversation with your loved ones, as difficult as it may seem.