Probate & Administration of Estates Fees

Jane Lodeto runs all our probate files assisted by Victoria Ferguson. To obtain Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration our fees are:

Estate not liable to Inheritance Tax £455 + VAT
Estate liable to Inheritance Tax £555 + VAT

There will also be a fee due to the Probate Registry which is currently £155 plus 50p for each copy of the Grant.

In addition, documents need to be sworn which will cost between £6-£30.  

If you wish to instruct us to Administer the Estate on your behalf or if we are named in a client’s Will as Executors, our fees are charged on a time recorded basis at our hourly rate.  Currently, our basic hourly rate is £205 plus VAT and our premium hourly rate is £263 + VAT for our Director, and £190 for our trainee and paralegal.  An estimate of the likely overall fees will be given once the details of the estate are known.

It is not appropriate to give an accurate time scale for obtaining Probate as we deal with estate administrations on a case by case basis.  However, as an indication, from the date we have details of the value of an estate we would usually have prepared the relevant application and forms within 3 working days.  Once you have signed them the Probate Registry generally take around 2 weeks to make the Grant.  

We also offer home visits for at no extra charge if within 20 miles of either of our offices.