This week Jane Lodeto and Holly Johnson are supporting Resolution’s ‘Good Divorce Week’.

Jane Lodeto has been a member of Resolution since she qualified as a solicitor. They are a society of Family Lawyers who campaign for a fairer family justice system.

Good Divorce Week aims to provide practical help, highlighting ways for separating parents to put their children’s needs first, as well as calling on government to urgently remove blame from the divorce process.

As 200,000 people divorce each year in England and Wales, an overwhelming 79% of the public supports measures that would remove blame from the divorce process.71% believe change is urgently need to reduce the negative impact on children. This includes the impact on children’s academic performance and the ability to form healthy romantic relationships themselves in the future.

While most parents want to keep a child’s best interests at the forefront, the current fault-based divorce system can make this a challenge.

If you are separating from your partner or spouse and need assistance with the legalities or advice on children matter, do not hesitate to call us for an appointment with Jane or Holly in our Family Team.