Congratulations! You have chosen the date… got the dress in mind, photographer is booked and you’ve ordered the invites! Everything is ready. But have you thought about what you are signing on the day you are getting married? You are signing a contract. The biggest contract you will probably ever sign.


  1. Making a Will


Any will you have made in the past (unless it is specifically written in that Will that it is in contemplation of marriage) will become invalid on your marriage. It is important therefore to write a new will after you are married or before but in contemplation of the marriage. You may want to make a Will that is a mirror image of that of your spouse to be. You may want to protect assets for children from a previous relationship. It is important to seek full legal advice upon your options to make sure your wishes would be carried out on your death and you would be provided for if your spouse died.


  1. Protecting your Assets


It is not a romantic notion to go into a marriage worrying about what might happen if the relationship ends in divorce but, as I have said, you are signing a contract with each other which includes sharing your assets and your income. You may want to consider a pre-nuptial agreement which, although not currently binding on English courts would set out to a future court what your intentions were. A pre-nuptial agreement takes times to prepare and should be signed well in advance of your marriage.


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